Printable Egg Shaped Easter Bunny Card

When you are looking for the cutest Easter Bunny Card, look no further. This easy printable egg Easter bunny card is the perfect starting point for the best Easter card you will make. Starting with the basic shape, let the kids go wild creating their own card with no end to the possibilities.

Easter bunny card collage

Egg Shaped Easter Bunny Card

There is nothing that says Easter more than the bunny. In this case, the kids can create their own Easter bunny card and then can use them as presents to give to family and friends or to decorate their rooms. This Easter bunny craft is great for a simple afternoon craft, an Easter get together, or after dying Easter eggs.

You’ll love this printable Easter cupcake topper as another addition to your spring traditions. I like to add them to this cute little vanilla glazed mini cupcake to serve the kids while they are making these DIY cards.

Easter bunny egg card on fake grass

What Other Options Can I Use for Whiskers?

When you are making the whiskers for the bunny card, you can use anything you like. You can draw the whiskers on for the easiest option if in a hurry. Alternately, you can get creative and use different craft supplies. You can glue paper on as the whiskers or use your imagination and some of the ideas listed below instead.

  • Leather strips: Leather strips will add a fun dynamic to the card. It adds texture and a unique quality.
  • Pipe Cleaners: Pipe cleaners or chenille sticks can be cut in half and then glued into place. There are many different styles and colors of pipe cleaners available. This makes it easy to create a different look by twisting them into spirals before gluing them on.
  • Toothpicks: Using toothpicks, kids can glue them on as is or paint them different colors.
  • Q-Tips: The fluffy end of the Q-tip will look cute as the ends of the whiskers.
  • Yarn, String or Embroidery Floss: You can’t go wrong with this crafting staple. It is easy to use and kids love to glue string to paper.

Egg shaped Easter bunny card on pink surface

If you need more fun things to keep the kids busy, check out my list of Easter crafts for kids and toddlers. You could also put them to work making these cute paper birds, or even teach them how to upcycle a paper lantern into an Easter bunny.

Egg shaped card on gake grass with Easter decor

Can I Use Stickers for the Mouth & Eyes?

There are so many fun and easy ways to make the mouth and eyes for the bunny card. My favorite method is drawing them on, but if you aren’t very good at freehand drawing then use what you are comfortable with for this. Another easy method is to use something like googly eyes to give your bunny a different look.

Stickers are a fun option to make the mouth and eyes for the bunny. If you have a Cricut, you can use this cute eye SVG file to make your own homemade stickers on sticker paper. This is great if you want to give each of your bunnies a slightly different look.

Get creative with the stickers buy using some that are glittery, some that are different colors and some that are basic shapes. Kids can mix and match styles and designs to make each card look different.

They can even add some of those leftover stickers to this simple paper Easter bunny craft!

Easter bunny card open with message in center

Supplies Needed

Supplies for making Easter egg bunny card

How to Make an Egg Shaped Easter Bunny Card

Begin by printing off the PDF template for the card here.

Now, you will cut out all of the shapes: the egg shape, 2 ears, and 2 feet.

Cutting out egg shape from paper

Once everything has been cut out, you will fold the double sided egg shape in half to form the fold of the card.

Folding paper for egg shaped card

Next, you will glue your ears on the top of the egg shape leaving the opening at the bottom of the egg.

Gluing ears to egg shape

Add on your feet on either side of the bottom of the Easter egg bunny.

Gluing feet to egg shaped card

Once the ears and feet are in place, you will glue on the googly eyes with craft glue.

Adding googly eyes to egg shaped card

Fold your pipe cleaner in half and cut, then fold in half again, and cut. This will create 4 equal sized whiskers.

Glue the whiskers (2 per side) onto the face a bit below the eyes. Now, you will glue the white pom pom in the center of the whiskers as shown, to make the nose.

Adding pipe cleaners to egg shaped card

Draw on bunny teeth.

Adding teeth and toes to egg shaped Easter bunny card

Lastly, open the card and write an Easter message.

Easter bunny card open with message in center

Send to loved ones or add to your mantle to display!

Egg shaped Easter bunnyc ard on floral background

Pro Tips:

For this project, I recommend using a nice heavy weight craft paper or card stock. To add a bit of extra pizazz to your bunny card, I love the idea of using a die cutting machine like the Cricut to create custom stickers for this project. One thing I love about my Cricut is that I could add this pattern to my design studio and the Cricut would cut it all out for me!

Yield: 1

Printable Egg Shaped Easter Bunny Card

Turn a simple printable template into this adorable egg shaped Easter bunny card! A simple Easter kids craft that is dual purposed for decorating and gifting to others!

Active Time 15 minutes

Total Time 15 minutes

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $1


  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Black Marker


Feel free to add a bit of glue to the ears or feet and sprinkle on some glitter to make your bunny card extra sparkly!

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