Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

Leaves are crunching, and it’s almost cool enough to get the fireplace going again! Fall is in full swing, and it’s a crafting paradise outside! With all of the foliage turning, there’s a wealth of branches, leaves, and pinecones to incorporate into some awesome seasonal craft projects! These totally adorable pinecone hedgehogs are just one way we’re ringing in the fall this year! 

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs on stump

Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably given some thought to crafting with pinecones! It doesn’t have to be complicated, though! By giving them just a little personality you can end up with a really cute fall craft project! Better yet, it hardly takes any time to make at all! 

Personally, I love taking simple crafting supplies and turning them into something that’ll turn some heads! These little fellas will make a welcome part of your decor, but you’ll definitely have a blast making them! There’s really a lot you can do with the pinecones in your backyard! 

woman holding handmade natural crafts

Using Natural Elements in Your Crafts 

Fall is a celebration of the changing of seasons in full effect. Seeing the leaves change right before winter, and scavenging for things like pinecones is what it’s all about! If you live anywhere pine trees grow, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a few for yourself! 

Pinecones are a super common element in most autumn/fall-themed craft projects. They’re a symbol of the season, and they have a really interesting texture that would be hard to emulate with synthetic materials. You’ll see them in some of your favorite Christmas decorations, too! Their fanned-out petals have a dark brownish natural hue and visually interesting texture. In this case, we’re going to use them as the body of our little craft hedgehog! 

craft critters handmade pinecone activity

What if I Can’t Find any Pinecones for This Craft?

Generally speaking, they’re all over the place if you live somewhere temperate with Pine trees. If you really are fresh out of luck though, craft and bargain stores might be your best bet! Online marketplaces have a lot to offer, too. In other words, if you don’t have them in your backyard, they’re not hard to buy! 

When you’re out looking around, keep in mind you need a certain type to get the look of these little hedgehogs. Longer, slim pinecones will do the trick! Avoid pinecones that are flared out and wide, as they won’t paint well or sit right. 

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs sitting on cobblestone

How Can I Make This Craft Unique?

What I love about these pinecone hedgehogs personally is just how simple they are. That being said, there really is a lot you can do to add some character to them! Their adorable faces and large pinecone body is the perfect canvas for your creativity! Keep the natural theme alive and well by adding some other elements like branches or even acorns to your project. Here are some more simple, but interesting suggestions to perk your creativity: 

  • Spray paint your hedgehogs in fall colors so they can become a part of your centerpiece
  • Superglue some small acorns to use as feet if you’re out of felt
  • Using a brush, paint the tips of the pines along with these pinecones for an interesting effect
  • Make them a part of a natural fall-themed diorama
  • Trying your hand at drawing on different faces to create cute expressions 
  • Use glitter to make them even more eye-catching 

Hedghog craft sitting on stump

Where Should I Display These? 

Their charm makes them a versatile and interesting little piece you can use for your fall decorating! Personally, I love the idea of setting them up with a cornucopia table centerpiece. Or, you can place them on a shelf or mantlepiece to bring some character to any part of your home! Just make sure they’re somewhere people can enjoy their adorable faces and whimsical design.  

Blue and orange pinecone hedgehogs on white table

Materials Needed

craft supplies pinecones craft paper scissors

How to Make Pinecone Hedgehogs 

Start by laying out your pinecones on a sheet of scrap paper or newspaper. The spray paint one pinecone orange, and one blue (or any color you’d like your hedgehogs to be!) After you paint one side, let it dry well before you flip it over and spray paint the other side. You’ll know they’re dry when the paint is no longer tacky or sticky when touched. 

spray painting pinecone on table

Next, trace out a wide heart shape for the faces, two ovals for the hears, and some oblong feet. These will help bring our little pinecone critter to life. If you chose a different color for your hedgehogs, use a felt of the same color. Otherwise, cut one set of each out of blue and orange felt. 

tracing out pieces of paper

If you can find felt with adhesive backing, this process is made a lot easier. If not, you can simply use a hot glue gun, or bottle glue to apply the pieces to your pinecones. 

hedgehog shapes being cut from paper

Apply the features onto the pinecones. The ears, feet, and face should adhere to the surface of the pinecone easily. Hold them in place for a moment to ensure they’ll stay where you left them! 

adding pieces onto hedgehog

Use a small black crafting bead to add an adorable little nose to the face. A small crease should appear where you pressed the felt against the end of the pinecone. Glue this bead in place in that small indent. 

gluing decorations on to a pinecone

Afterward, all you’ve got to do is apply the googly eyes to complete our pinecone creatures! Put these on display anywhere you’d like to see some whimsical and playful fall décor. 

completed hedgehog crafts

Yield: 2

Quick and Easy Pinecone Hedgehogs Craft Idea

Make a pair of these whimsical and adorable pinecone hedgehogs to go with your fall décor!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make a variety of sizes to create a hedgehog family!

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Finished Product Gallery 

Create a whimsical and fun diorama for these little pinecone creatures to live in! Everyone’s heard of model Christmas villages, but why not funny fall scenes? 

woman in floral shirt holding pinecone hedgehogs

These pinecone hedgehogs are also perfect for getting kids into crafting, too! They can use it as an opportunity to work on their scissor skills, and create some interesting creatures. 

Pinecone hedgehogs on stump

The colors of these spray-painted pinecones will breathe some life into any collection of fall decorations! Place them somewhere they can add a pop of color. 

Blue pinecone hedgehog on orange paper

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