Rustic Burlap Wrapped Owl Wreath Decoration

Owls are so popular as a decor item and I see why! They are just too cute! This rustic burlap-wrapped owl wreath is a great idea for fall but can be hung any time of year. It uses only a few simple supplies, is inexpensive (think dollar store craft), and can be customized with different colors to make it fit any season of the year. Now THAT is the kind of craft I like to make!

Burlap owl on plaid fabric

Burlap Wrapped Owl Wreath

Whether you use this on the front door as a door wreath, hang it on a wall, or hang it on your mantle, this owl is a cute and easy idea to add to your home. I love the versatility of this wreath. It looks like fall when you use the warm shades of brown, but could easily become a springtime, summer, or winter wreath with different colors of burlap and foam paper wings!

Owls have made an appearance in many of our crafts over the years. They are just too precious not to include, plus super easy to make. Like this easy owl diaper cake idea for baby showers, or this simple upcycled plastic cup owl for kids to make, there are many ideas using this theme. I even have a tutorial for making a wine glass owl!

Rustic wreath looking like an owl on red and white table

What Else Can I Use to Wrap the Wreath Form?

If you don’t want to use burlap ribbon, that is okay! I like using what I have on hand, so look to your craft supplies and find something different. Ultimately, it needs to be easy to wrap and secure with glue to the form. Below are some ideas that would work great in place of the burlap ribbon.

  • Any type or color of ribbon that is at least 2″ wide except for lace. Avoid lace as it will show through the form below and won’t look as nice.
  • Felt or fabric cut into 2″ strips and wrapped around the form.
  • Colorful or plain raffia that has been unraveled and flattened some.
  • Old shirt, blanket, or sheet that has been cut into strips and wrapped around the form.
  • Tissue paper, wrapping paper, or tulle.

Yellow background behind owl wreath

What All Can I Use to Create the Owl Eyes?

For this, I used what was on hand and looked cute. Lids to baby food jars, some artificial flowers, and beads. You can do the same thing with other items. You mostly want to make sure that you have a 2″ or more round item for the base of the eyes, then something smaller inside for the middle of the eye to pop and make it look more like a real eye. Below are a few ideas that could work.

  • Bottle caps, condiment jar lids, baby jar lids, or mason jar lids for the base.
  • Artificial flowers, round craft foam, construction paper, or paint for the middle.
  • Paint, beads, sequins, or marker for the smallest part of the eyes.

Rustic owl wreath on door

How Should I Hang This Owl Wreath?

Since you are using a foam wreath form, it is a bit different to hang than something like a wire or grapevine form would be to hang. For this, I recommend using a length of ribbon tied around the top (behind the eyes) as part of the way you attach to a hook or wreath hanger.

Alternately, wreath hangers work well to hook underneath the wreath and could slide up under the eyes and beak fairly easily. You might also be able to attach a more traditional picture frame hook to the back, loop of twine, or even ribbon with hot glue. And, since the form is styrofoam, it may be easy to simply push the head of a nail between the ribbon and into the form to hold it into place on a wall or door.

Burlap owl wreath being held by woman in black

Can This Stay Outside in Fall Weather?

This is a yes and no question. A lot of times, front door wreaths don’t stay out in weather conditions because they will be ruined. If you have a porch or awning that will keep the wreath from getting wet or damaged, then sure, leave it outside. For those who have a lot of severe weather, wind, or no protection over the door the wreath will hang from, you may want to keep this as an inside-only craft.

The main concern is that the burlap ribbon getting wet would look bad. The wings, eyes, beak, and overall form won’t be damaged by rain, but the fabric or burlap part just might look bad for a bit until it dries. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice and could easily be outside or inside.

Burlap wreath looks like an owl on white door

Supplies Needed

Foam wreath form raffia paper and ribbon on white table

How to Make an Owl Wreath

Attach the end of the burlap ribbon to the foam wreath form with glue.

Hand wrapping burlap ribbon around white foam wreath form

Then wrap the wreath keeping the ribbon slightly overlapping itself so the wrath form is completely covered. Secure with glue at the end, then set aside.

Hand wrapping wreath in burlap

Cut approximately 20, 4″ lengths of raffia.

Hand holding black scissors cutting raffia

Turn a bottle cap or lid over so the top is facing upwards, and begin gluing pieces of raffia in a criss-cross fashion until the lid is covered and the excess is hanging off the sides.

Raffia being layered on top of lid

Turn the lid over, and pull the raffia against the sides so it is facing the empty side of the lid.

Secure the raffia on the edges of the lid with glue.

Hand gluing raffia around side of jar lid

Place a small ribbon or piece of twine around the outside of the raffia as additional security and color.

Trim the ends of the raffia to an even length (around 1″ above the bottom of the lid).

Hand holding lid with raffia trimming edges with scissors

Glue black beads onto the center of two fake paper sunflowers.

Hands placing beads in center of sunflowers

Then, glue the flowers, one inside each lid. Set these “eyes” aside.

Hands placing beads in center of sunflowers

Cut a triangle of foam paper out.

Glue it on top of the burlap-covered wreath, with the pointed edge pointing downward.

Hand putting triangle of foam onto burlap covered wreath

Attach the two eyes over the top of this next to each other to create the owl beak and eyes.

Hands gluing eyes to owl wreath

Trace a wing shape onto the back of a piece of folded foam paper, then cut them out.

Hand holding black scissors cutting foam paper

Attach to the sides of the wreath with glue.

Hands placing wings on sides of owl wreath

Now you can hang or display your wreath!

Burlap owl wreath on white table

More DIY Wreaths

I love adding wreaths to my front door or above my mantle. They are so simple but can be absolutely beautiful and really turn a room into a place that is welcoming. If you want more ideas for wreaths, below are a few of my favorites that you can DIY and add to your front door. go ahead and bookmark, pin, or print the tutorials so you can make these soon!

Yield: 1

Owl wreath on white door

Hand this beautiful rustic burlap-wrapped owl wreath on your door any time of year!

Active Time
25 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes


Estimated Cost


You can use any color burlap ribbon you have on hand.

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Finished Project Gallery

Owl wreath laying on red checked tabelcloth

This is a great addition to a child’s nursery that is decorated in owls!

White door with glass panels holding owl wreath

It’s so pretty it can be gifted to friends!

Hanging owl wreath on white front door with glass panels

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