Rustic Button Christmas Wreath (With Video)

Make these holidays a memorable one with a gorgeous wreath for your front door! I love the handcrafted charm of this craft and making it is incredibly simple. In fact, there’s nothing I love more for ringing in the holidays than a new, lovely DIY project to get me in the spirit of things! This button Christmas wreath decoration for your door is the ideal project for a cozy winter night by the fireplace. Get cozy, because we’re going to give you some step-by-step instructions with photos for creating this wreath!

Red wreath bade from buttons on a wooden backdrop

You could also use this lovely craft for gifting! And, it’s even perfect for making in bulk since it uses such simple craft supplies. I’ll be you’ve already got a few of these materials, and tools laying around.


DIY Button Christmas Wreath

Add some unique holiday charm to your front entranceway with a lovely wreath to greet your friends and family! They’ll love the cute details and bright appearance of this joyful craft project. This is exactly the type of project I would break out for a crafting party, too! It’s the kind of DIY craft that just about anyone can get into. And, being a wreath, it’s so easy to decorate and personalize. 

We’ll go into a little more detail about the pieces that make up this wreath, as well as some suggestions for ways you can make it all your own! What I enjoy most about making crafts like this is that they’re totally unique. This way, you’ll never end up with the same Christmas decorations as your neighbor!

button christmas wreath on front door

What is the White Ring Made Out of?

The ring you see used in this project is in fact a foam floral ring. Typically they’re used in flower arranging for fresh wreaths, but we’ll be creating one that will last for years to come! What I love most about these is they’re cheap, easy to decorate with, and lightweight. In other words, you don’t have to worry about them falling off of your door. And if they do, they certainly won’t break!

You can find these all over the place, but I’d personally recommend checking out the dollar store, and craft supply chains! There are of course alternatives that you can find at both of these places, too. You’ll easily find the wire, as well as flat cardboard rings. Depending on what you’re going for, you might find that those work better. In our instructions, we’ll be using the foam floral craft ring. 

wreath made with buttons hanging up

How Can I Upgrade the Ornaments?

There’s a couple of ways of going at it, here’s some inspiration! You can simply swap out for other materials. Personally, I’d try using white sparkly foam craft paper, or even layered burlap under something else. Using materials like these, it would be easy to create something that could more closely suit your taste. Take a look and see what you can find, and don’t forget about last year’s wrapping paper!

Also, using twine or a different type of ribbon could add a little flair to it as well. Take and look and see what’s in your crafting cupboard, you never know what you’ll already have on hand!

decorative holiday wreath made from buttons

What’s the Best Way to Personalize This Wreath?

Adding details to personalize a craft like this is exactly what makes it so special! Implement some meaningful pieces of decorations, odds, and ends, or even natural elements to add a whole new dynamic to your project! We’ll cover a couple of pieces of inspiration to push you in the right direction, but the only limit is your own creativity! And I suppose, what you’ve got on hand! I love this wreath for the large surface area you can use to decorate with. Check out some of these ideas below! 

  • I probably sound like a broken record on these, but fairy lights would make this wreath dazzle
  • Add some (non-breakable!) baubles or ornaments to the center of this wreath for a more detailed look
  • Add small Christmas motifs, characters, and decorations in and around the buttons and snowflake pieces
  • Use spray glitter for a shiny effect, it will add to your snow design, as well
  • Try some fake snow! First, apply a layer of spray glue, and then sprinkle fake snow along the sides and bottom

Supplies Needed

craft supplies

How to Make a Button Christmas Wreath Decoration For Your Door

First, start by cutting out a piece of wrapping paper larger than the foam ring. This will give you more than enough material to work with. Next, You’ll want to cut along the shape of the ring. However, you’re going to cut one that’s about 2 inches larger in diameter. In other words, cut further away from the ring while copying the shape. Do this as a top and bottom half to make two semicircles.

cutting felt

arranging material on foam ring

Now, roughly cut out the center of each of these to make a rainbow shape as shown below.

cutting shapes from wrapping paper

Place the foam ring on top of each half to make a whole red circle of wrapping paper underneath. Now, trim slits into the part of the wrapping paper that hangs out of the width of the ring. Press these up in and around the ring to cover the front with wrapping paper, us a hot glue gun to secure each strip.

applying to foam ring wrapping paper

Add a piece of craft string or twine to the center for a rustic look that helps to cover up any remaining visible foam. putting twine on wreath

Now you can begin hot glue gunning buttons onto your craft! On either side, begin with sparse, spaced-out buttons. As you move down the ring on both sides, make them closer and closer together. They will resemble snow falling on the ground. gluing buttons onto wreathmaking craft wreath project

Next, you can cut out pieces of paper shaped like ornaments to hang on the inside of this wreath. Make them as large, or as small as you’d like!

cutting shapes

Simply write a holiday greeting on them, before hole punching the top and hanging them on the inside of the foam craft ring. hole punching paper craft

By now your wreath should look nearly complete! You can add as many additional decorations to it as you’d like.

large wreath perfect for hanging with craft buttons

Yield: 1

Button Christmas Wreath Decoration For Your Door

This lovely wreath can hang on the door of your front entranceway, greeting all of your holiday guests this year!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost

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Hang this wreath just about anywhere to add a splash of festive color!

wreath hanging next to decorative item

Place it with some of your favorite holiday decors to add to the bright and beautiful scenes throughout your home.

wreath hanging on wall

If you want to enhance this craft project even further, consider adding some glitter or fake snow for an eye-catching glimmer!

woman holding red christmas wreath


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