Shimmery Two-Toned Upcycled Mason Jar Centerpiece

This gold and white gorgeous upcycled mason jar centerpiece is ideal for decorating throughout the holiday season, but especially for New Year’s Eve parties! With the shimmery gold, white accents, and even a bit of black thrown in, it fits the classic new year theme. As such an easy little decoration, it’s great to make with kids and perfect for making at the last minute. You can easily make this in no time and once the paint dries have a gorgeous centerpiece that looks expensive.

Mason jar decoration against white brick

Upcycled Mason Jar Centerpiece

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of upcycling and repurposing. So, mason jars and well, any jar or container really, are favorites to create something new. I’ve seen these centerpieces online at some of my favorite home decor stores, but I knew paying upwards of $40 for one was not going to happen. This easy DIY is an excellent choice that looks, in my opinion, even better than most you can buy in stores.

You might also like making something like these mason jar scented oil candles to add to your decor. They will bring amazing scents to the space while being a great handmade project. I love these almost as much as my cranberry orange stovetop potpourri.

Can I Use Different Jars?

Of course! If mason jars aren’t on hand, you can use any glass or even clear plastic jar for this project. We always save jars from pickles, mayonnaise, and other condiments. Just wash them well, and use a bit of Goo Gone to remove labels. They are often wide-mouthed like this and make excellent options to create your own little jar project.

Woman holding painted mason jar

What Can I Put Inside These Centerpieces?

I love making the little dowel stars sticks. They look super cute and are really easy to make. You can, of course, make all kinds of different floral picks, bouquets, and just fun additions to go inside the centerpiece. Below are some ideas for things these could be used to hold.

  • Use on a buffet table to hold utensils with forks, spoons, and knives in a different jar.
  • Add to a candy or dessert buffet with candy inside the jars. This is best for candy canes or sticks candy, lollipops, or taller items.
  • Place on a desk or in a classroom and fill with pencils, colored pencils, pens, markers, or even crayons.
  • Fill with gift cards, candy, or treats and gift as a fun gift in a jar idea.

Painted mason jar on red background

Other Ways to Decorate The Outside of the Jars

If you don’t want to use paint on the jars, you can use other items to decorate them instead. Paint is the easiest method typically, but when working with kids it can be a bit too messy. Below are some options that also work to coat the outside of the mason jars.

  • Washi tape or craft tape in different colors wrapped around the outside of the jar.
  • Napkins or scrapbook paper Mod Podged onto the outside of the jar.
  • Stickers or sticker paper wrapped around the jar.

Upcycled mason jar centerpiece by wood wall

What is the Best Paint for Glass Jars?

For the gold part of this jar, I prefer using spray paint. It goes on smoothly and looks best once dry. When it comes to painting the rest of the jar, you can use any craft or acrylic paint. If you are making a lot of these at once, you can easily use spray paint for the white part as well. It will take mere seconds to coat the jar before letting it dry.

Mason jar centerpoiece on blue background

Supplies Needed

Supplies for mason jar centerpiece

How to Make an Upcycled Mason Jar Centerpiece

Clean and dry your mason jar then place a strip of packing tape or painter’s tape around the bottom of the jar leaving a 1 12/-2″ section open on the bottom.

Spray the bottom section with gold spray paint then set aside to dry.

Spraying mason jar bottom gold

Once dry, remove the tape.

Paint the inside of the jar white covering in a solid coat then set aside to dry.

Painting inside of jar white

While the jar(s) drying, use a star shape to trace stars onto the back of gold glitter foam paper, black and white foam paper, and any other colors desired. You’ll need 3 stars per jar.

Tracing star outline

Cut out the stars and set them aside.

Woman holding a gold star

Curl ribbon for each dowel.

Making ribbon

Glue the ribbon and then star onto the top of the dowel.

Attaching star and ribbon to dowel

Wrap the gold pipe cleaners around a pen one at a time to create a spiral. Add 3-4 per jar.

Gold pipe cleaner on pen

Now, place 2-3 dowels and 3-4 pipe cleaners into each jar to display!

Women decorating mason jar

Display on a mantle, table, or shelf for any holiday, but especially the New Year’s Eve parties and events!

Upcycled mason jar centerpiece by wood wall

More Easy Craft Ideas

Mason jars are a huge part of my favorite decorating projects. Using them as a base for organizing and decorating is one of the most common things you’ll see. I’ve shared tons of great ideas before, and below are some of my favorites that you may want to add to your crafting project list as well.

Crafting Tip

Always make sure to spray paint in a well-ventilated area. I prefer doing this outside, but sometimes it is necessary to paint indoors. I discovered you can purchase a small spray paint shelter painting tent to help keep things clean when painting indoors. It’s a great addition to your craft supplies if you tend to spray paint regularly.

Yield: 1

Gold and white mason jar centerpiece on white wall

Follow an easy tutorial to make your own copycat two-toned mason jar centerpiece! A perfect New Year’s Eve party decoration that is ready in no time!

Active Time
10 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
40 minutes


Estimated Cost


Use these jars to hold flowers, decorations, candy, or even utensils on a buffet table.

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Change up the colors of stars you add to the dowels to suit different holidays or events.

Mason jar centerpoiece on blue background

I love the idea of making one of these for each table at a special party, anniversary party, or even a wedding.

Woman holding painted mason jar

Switch up the bottom with other sparkling or shiny colors of paint for a different look.

Gold and white mason jar centerpiece on white wall

YouTube Meta: This easy tutorial takes an old mason jar and creates a stunning look just in time for New Year’s Eve parties! A great upcycled mason jar centerpiece is fast and easy to make!

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