Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

So you think that your relationship is going amazingly well, but you’re still wondering and asking yourself this question, “will he marry me?” What are the signs he wants to marry Me? How can I be sure that he will marry me someday? Well, fear not! There are visible signs he wants to marry you in the future. These signs may be there even as early as the first couple of months of dating with him, and I will show them to you. So use the signs to know if you are wife material for him? so that you will understand the signs he sees himself marrying you as his wife

I want you to keep in mind within the first 90 days or early days of dating, that a man is evaluating and looking more on you and your actions. He is checking to see if you are genuinely a wife material for him.  Especially if he has passed the age of 30, and he is earnest about settling down with a woman.

So the more signs he fulfills or, the more he is doing any of the things on this list, the more likely he sees himself marrying you shortly and the more for you to stop bordering much. You can also read one of my posts on 6 clear signs he wants to marry you for you to learn more if you are still confused.

Signs He Wants To Marry You In The Future or Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

Sign #1 – He will happily bring up living together & getting married

Whenever a man sees a future with you, then he won’t be going to beat around the bush. He will talk about it and discuss it more often. He will always bring up the kind of wedding he would like, and also how many kids he wants to have and how being married to you would be.

Just know that men are NOT shy to talk about this. The truth is if he sees you as wife material for him, then he will be excited and happy to talk about these things with you!

Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future.

Sign 2 – He Will casually or always ask what kind of “wedding/engagement ring” you will like

Let say that is he is sending you pictures of wedding rings, then know that what it means is that he is thinking seriously about proposing you. He may even, at times, drag you to a few jewelers to look with you!

The truth about this is that most men don’t want to screw up their proposals. If he is thinking about getting married to you, the next step is that he will be planning for the proposal. And when that happens just count it as one of the signs he sees himself marrying you as his life partner

Sign 3 – He will then start a sentence with “If we are married…”

Or let say if he starts a sentence with “If you are my wife…” or “If I were to be your husband…”

… it means he is seriously considering you as a wife material to him. Just relax because men will not play these kinds of games with any girl they are not planning to live with as a wife.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future”

Sign 4 – He will tell you that he wants to get married on the first date.

Okay, now let say, if you know for sure he wants to get married anytime soon, and he is committed to you, then know there is a VERY high chance he sees himself marrying you in future.

Men who are ready for marriage will not waste there time dating around. If he had the objective to meet someone to marry and his also dating, you then know that you are his number one candidate!

Probably he may need more time dating you to know “for sure” that you are all he needs as “wife.”

Sign 5 – He is happy and free to join his finances with you

Marriage is a huge commitment, as we all know. It also involves financial commitment with your partner. If a man is happy and free to combine resources and in particular share a large chunk of his income with you as his lady. Then it means he is considering making you his future wife. So relax if he is not disturbing in joining his one or things with you for is one of the signs he sees himself marrying you.

19 Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future
19 Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

Sign 6 – He talks highly or more of you to his friends and family

If a man is always boasting about you and how amazing you are to him, or Does he act like a super proud partner? If he enjoys showing you off and being publically pleased to be with you in front of his family and friends, then it is also a sure sign he wants to marry you in the future or signs he sees himself marrying you.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 7 – Your friends or family and people around notice the way he looks at you

Have your friends or family, and even people about mentioned the particular way he looks at you? Outsiders are usually very good at picking up signs of love and devotion between lovers. If they are telling you things like questions below:

“I can tell he loves you a lot by the way he looks at you all the time I see you too.”

“He always looks at you like he is very in love with you.”

These are signs that a man is wholly devoted to you and sees you firmly in his future as his wife.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 8 – He will tell you that you will make a great wife and mother

If he is giving you a compliment that you will make a great wife and mother, it means he hopes you will be HIS wife and mother to HIS kids in the future.

Men are always very logical when it comes to building a family. Of course, they want a woman who would make a great wife and mother for their kids. Try also to take this as the ultimate compliment is also part of signs he sees himself marrying you.

Sign 9 – Whenever you bring up getting married issues, HIS eyes light up

It is clear that a man who wants to marry you, he is excited when you bring up marriage things or issues. He will not be neutral, avoidant, or go quiet when the subject of weddings and proposals come up in your discussions. He should be more interested in your thoughts and share his own opinions as well.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Sign 10 – You will not remember the last time you had a fight

Men always want to marry women they get along with. If you are still fighting or going through a rough patch, he is then going to put all “marriage” thoughts on hold.

But this doesn’t mean he will never marry you, but it is a good measure of how “soon” he will want to marry you. But if things are normal between you two, it is one of the signs he sees himself marrying you in the future.

Generally, men always want things to be stable before making that decision. If your relationship is calm, happy, and drama-free, and it has been that way for a long time, it is also a good sign he wants to marry you.

Signs He Wants To Marry You in the future or signs he sees himself marrying you.”

Sign 11 – He will believe in marriage

A man will always need to believe in the benefit of getting married before wanting to get married. There are many men out there who don’t believe in marriage. There is nothing wrong with this provided you are in a good agreement.

Just because he doesn’t believe in marriage stuff, doesn’t mean he is not committed to you. In the

You have to decide for yourself what is important to you and what is not, have this talk early and make sure marriage is something you BOTH want.

Sign 12 – He Is traditional

Men who have a more “traditional” mindset believe in marriage and having children than those who are not. They also believe in doing these things at the right time and the right way. They believe in duty, honor, loyalty, and keeping families together than any other thing.

Have he has reached the “right” age to be married and to have kids…
Are you carrying his child?
Have you been dating him for a long time?
His friends are all married.
His family is also pressuring him for marriage,
These may be reason enough for him to marry you.

Sign 13 – He believes marriage will not “change” anything

As much as he needs to believe in marriage, he should also think that getting married will not change the relationship between you.

Some men do believe that marriage “changes” things. Perhaps they are unaware of this consciously, but subconsciously they have a blueprint for that marriage, which is different from being a boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

This is why most people change after getting married. It’s because of their blueprint or reason, and their expectations too have also changed.

Let say, for example, and a man may suddenly get lazy and expect his wife to do all of the house chores or work. His blueprint or reason will be husbands went to work, and his wife looked after the home.

So if he believes marriage changes things between you two, this may cause him to resist marriage. Especially if he likes the current relationship, you have with him.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In the future”

Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future

Sign 14 – You are his best friend

If he always spends time with you than with his friends, or if he confides in you about all kinds of personal things, then it is an excellent sign that he sees you as his best friend. Then know that you are of luck is also one of the good signs he sees himself marrying you

Men want to marry their best friend!

It is only logical that the next step he will do is to marry you.

Sign 15 – He will not think you are controlling

Men usually don’t marry women. They think that is controlling them. If he feels trapped and caged in by you, he is then doubtful to marry you.

You know that marriage is a long time commitment. It is a significant decision to make. Men want to marry women who they get along with and also give them a sense of freedom.

Men won’t want to involve in any marriage that will make them feel like you will only further tighten your grip on them.

Signs He Wants To Marry You in future “

Sign 16 – He checks out your compatible level

Men are incredibly logical. When it gets to looking out for partnership, they know they have to choose wisely. That means there’s less concentration on things like the quality of your sex life or how facial and curved you are.

Instead, men will be interested to see if you share their same values and beliefs. Do you believe in the same political understanding as him? Do you value the same personality traits as does? Do you have the same set of life goals?

Do you share the same views of marriage?

If these things do not correspond, a man is doubtful to see you as his future partner.

Sign 17 – He doesn’t take a break during the hard times

If he’s ready to stick by you even when times are tough, it’s a sign that he sees you in his long term plans.

Men understand marriage is not always going to be a piece of cake. You will disagree and have significant conflicts. If he can’t stay with you during tough times and be willing to work out issues with you, he isn’t very ready for the relationship.

Your commitment assures the strength and quality of a relationship during hectic periods. He must be as severe as you to make it work.

“Signs He Wants To Marry You In The future”

Sign 18 – He will make a point to say he is committed to you and only you alone

You know when a man is most committed, he tells you he’s conscious not to lead other women on or makes other women understand he’s taken when talking with them.

He’s also always describing you to his female friends or other colleagues. This is a sign he is proud fo you and makes you know it!

Sign 19 – His friends and family say you could be “the one.”

A guy may not be outspoken about believing you’re “the one” for him – although he may be considering it! But if the people closest to him are convinced you could be “the one,” you should see this as a significant sign. Because it is one of the big signs he sees himself marrying you in future

That is if he is telling you about it.

He may be a bit “shy” about being romantic and forthcoming. However, if he is telling you what his colleagues think about you, it’s a sign he wants you to know what he feels about you as well.

 Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You
Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

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