Sparkling Wine Bottle New Year’s Eve Decoration

Are you ready to celebrate the coming of a new year? I know I sure am, and this gorgeous wine bottle New Year’s Eve decoration is a great easy to make addition to any mantle or table. Whether you are celebrating alone, with immediate family, or hosting guests, decorating is a fun part of any holiday. Let the New Year ring in with style and a bit of glam with this easy to assemble mantle decoration.

Wine bottle decoration in front of black background

Wine Bottle New Year’s Eve Decoration

The first thing I think of when considering decorations for the New Year is something sparkling. Gold, silver, black, and white are the classic colors used for parties on New Year’s Eve, so they fit this idea perfectly. You can, of course, do this with any color you prefer, but the sparkle looks great for a sleek and classy upcycled bottle decoration.

If you are planning a fun little celebration, you can also add these great champagne cocktail recipes to your menu. I prefer mocktails, but this list gives you some great ideas for serving up a bit of bubbly drink for ringing in the new year in style. You may also enjoy this list of great New Year’s Eve party ideas. Tons of ways to make things fun for everyone!

New Year's Eve decoration on mantle

What Do I Use for the Year Numbers?

I found these great large numbered candles at a local party supply store. These are sturdy and easy to attach to the bottle. You might want to add different types of numbers, so below are some ideas to consider for the current year number addition.

  • Plastic toy numbers sprayed silver – great for those pieces that don’t match other items or are missing part of a set.
  • Cardboard cutouts from a stencil or hand-drawn that have been painted.
  • Wooden craft numbers painted silver then glued into place.
  • Large glitter stickers of numbers placed on cardboard and cut out then glued in place on the bottle.
  • Cricut or Silhouette vinyl or birch wood cut-outs painted or stuck onto cardboard and attached to the wine bottle.

New Year's decor on table

Can I Use Different Bottles?

Wine bottles are excellent for this project since they are tall and have a long neck. If you drink wine regularly, you can easily find these in your recycling bin. You can probably grab some at a local restaurant or from a friend if you don’t have any on hand. Another option is to use a regular glass soda bottle or even a 2-liter soft drink bottle.

You do not have to use a glass bottle for this project. It is just as lovely when using a plastic bottle that has been sprayed with silver paint and is sparkling in against lights. My goal is to upcycle and repurpose as often as possible. So, use what you have on hand to make this more unique to your style and home.

New Year's decor on table

What Else Can I Put In These Bottles?

I like the little theme of sparkles and the addition of the tinsel and pipe cleaner, but you can also add anything you want to these. Some artificial flowers are great and can come in a multitude of sizes and styles. I love the idea of using white, silver, gold, and black along with some floral picks in this.

They are great for decor, but also wonderful for storing items and creating a floral accent on a mantle. You can even leave them completely empty and let them just be beautiful as stand-alone items without something inside.

Silver wine bottles by red brick

What Paint is Best for Making These Bottles Silver?

There are tons of different acrylic and craft paints on the market that come in sparkly silver or gold. My preference though is to use a good quality spray paint. Rust-O-Leum is my go-to brand for projects that need a nice coat of paint with minimal second sprays needed. IN this case, a can of spray paint in silver will go over the darker bottles better than acrylic and with less waste involved.

Wine bottle decoration in front of tree

Supplies Needed

Supplies for new year's eve wine bottle decoration

How to Make a Wine Bottle New Year’s Decoration

In a well-ventilated space, or outdoors, spray the wine bottles on all sides and on the neck of the bottle with silver spray paint.

Spraying wine bottle silver

Set the bottle aside to dry completely – usually 15-30 minutes.

Spraying wine bottle silver

While the bottles are drying, add hot glue around the edges of each of the large numbers.

Sprinkle glitter over the hot glue and then tap off any excess.

Adding glitter to number

Once the paint on the bottles has dried, hot glue a number to each bottle. Attach these to the bottom of the bottle.

Gluing number on silver wine bottle

Wrap pipe cleaners around a pen or pencil to create a spiral, at least three per bottle.

Twisting pipe cleaner around pen

Using a dowel, two per bottle, attach a few sprigs of holiday silver or white tinsel around the top.

Attaching tinsel to dowel

Once complete, stick 2 dowels and 3 of the pipe cleaner spirals into each wine bottle.

Woman decorating wine bottle

Place them on a mantle or shelf with the new year date in order.

New Year's Eve decoration on mantle

More Fun Easy Craft Ideas

If you want more fun ways to decorate your home, look no further. Below you’ll find a few more pretty and sparkly ideas that are classic and easy to create on a budget and in just a short time.

Crafting Tip

Add a bit more sparkle to your wine bottles with a layer of glitter spray or a dusting of glitter before the paint dries. The glitter will sparkle in light and make this really pop against your mantle or shelves.

Yield: 4

Wine bottle decoration in front of black background

A simple New Year’s Eve decoration is made from upcycled painted wine bottles creating a lovely mantle or shelf decoration that sparkles with the date and classic style!

Prep Time
10 minutes

Active Time
15 minutes

Additional Time
30 minutes

Total Time
55 minutes


Estimated Cost


This can be updated annually with new numbers for the upcoming year.

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These are great on a table as part of a centerpiece.

Silver wine bottles by red brick

You can also put them on the mantle, a bookshelf, or arranged by the fireplace on a shelf.

Silver wine bottle decoration by white brick

I love that you can make this one time and simply change out the numbers each year.

Wine bottle decoration in front of tree

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