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Βeach bags for summer 2020

Beach bags for summer 2020

This year’s summer is almost here and we could not omit the summer beach bags – gynaikeies tsantes – of 2020. We are as excited as you are because we are going to present you the most popular beach bags for summer 2020.

We know that the last years, the beach looks are more complicated and embellished, as every woman puts an extra effort n her beach outfits. The bag could not be missing when we are talking about a beach look, so we have prepared the most amazing beach bags of the summer of 2020.

If you are a person who loves summer and vacation then this article is for you. Get ready to discover the best beach bags for summer 2020 with us. You have endless colorful options to choose from so let’s dive in, shall we?

  1. Circular straw beach bag

You know how the straw material is the best thing to put on a beach bag right? It fits the beach scenery so naturally and it is stylish too. The shape of it makes it even more unique and impressive and you will definitely steal the show at the beach.

The circular straw beach bag is great even if you get an embellished or a simple one. You can add a scarf or a ribbon to make it more personalized.

The uncomfortable thing is that the sand could get anywhere in between the dents of the straws and you could easily transfer the beach sand anywhere in your car and house. We know that the sand can be annoying but this particular bag is worth it.

  1. Classic straw bag

This is the classic approach to the straw beach bag. In many shapes and sizes, the straw beach bag will accompany you in every visit at the beach. It is stiff and usually beige or in natural shades of brown and it is one of the most unique beach bags.

The negative parts are that the bag is stiff and sometimes not very functional as you cannot fold it to save space so prepare a special place in your wardrobe for it!


  1. Beach bag made of fabric

Beach bags are usually made of stiffer materials like straw, canvas fabrics or even water resistant textiles. This happens of course for the protection of your personal items that lie inside your bag. You would not want your Smartphone and money getting wet, right?

This summer, we are going to be seeing more fabrics on beach bags. You can find them in simpler shapes and a variety of colors that are functional for your visits at the beach. The inside is usually lined up with a water resistant material for the protection of your valuables so you do not have to worry about water damage.

Fabric beach bags are a great option as they are durable and versatile because you can use a simple canvas bag instead of your shopping bag during winter and fall too.


  1. Vinyl bag

A smart option for a beach bag is a vinyl one. It may sound alien to you but it is really not. The plastic of the vinyl bag will protect your precious belongings from the water droplets and the sand so that you will not have to worry about them being damaged.

The color possibilities are endless and you can go for a big vinyl tote bag or a smaller one. The bigger sizes will offer you more space that will fit all of your beach essentials, including your towel.

The bonus of the vinyl bags are that you can easily see what’s on the inside so that you won’t scatter everything around to find what you need.  But remember to be careful when leaving it to go for a swim, as any exposed valuables might capture the attention of thieves.

  1. Net beach bag

The ultimate fashion trend for the summer of 2020 is net bags. You might remember that net bags were mostly used for shopping back at the days when our grandparents were young. They were mostly used for fruits and vegetables and we think that they were so fashionable!

They are back in the shape of beach bags and we could not be happier about it! You can stuff them up with clothing, beach towels but unfortunately, small items are not eligible for this bag. They could fall and you would lose them in no time!

Just be careful not to tear it or not to lose your belongings while wearing it at the beach!

  1. Backpack for the beach

A very interesting yet comfortable choice for a beach bag, is the backpack! You might not expect a backpack to be worn at the beach, but it will solve all of your problems! The size of it and its straps are the best thing for the beach! Take an extra change of clothes, your lunch, snacks, water bottles, your mat for the beach and many more!

In over a thousand different colour combinations and many materials, the backpack will accompany you in the beach and it will become your new favourite bag! Let alone it is great to hide your stuff from the curious eyes! Trust us and you will not regret it!

Overview for best beach bags for summer 2020

We know that some of these bags were a surprise to yo, as you wouldn’t expect them at the beach, but we believe that you should give them a chance. They are functional and they are going to complete your stylish beach looks and steal the show. A pro tip is to choose a monochromatic beach bag so that you will be able to wear clothing of any colour.

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