Upcycled Ping Pong Ball Snowman Christmas Ornaments

I’m obsessed with snowmen and this little ping pong ball snowman Christmas ornament idea is super cute. I’m always looking for fun inexpensive ideas to make, and ornaments are a favorite around the holidays. This particular ornament uses one of my favorite craft supplies that was never intended to be a crafting item. Ping pong balls are an amazing choice for crafting, and this just proves it!

Ping pong snowman face on tree

Ping Pong Ball Snowman Christmas Ornament

One of the best parts of this craft is that it is so easy for anyone to make, including kids. Plus, you need just a few items, and upcycling is a huge part of this ornament. You can personalize your snowman to resemble yourself, a fun cartoon character, or a basic look to fit your decor. Make a full collection and cover your whole tree with them this Christmas!

I love snowmen so much that I gathered this huge list of snowman crafts perfect for winter. There are tons of ornaments on here, but other fun crafts that are sure to be a hit with you. You might also enjoy just making fun little clay colored ornaments or even these classic cinnamon stick Rudolph ornaments. Christmas is tons of fun and this year you can create a unique ornament for every day.

Ping pong ball ornaments on flannel

What Else Can Be Used in Place of Ping Bong Balls?

Any small balls can be used for these snowmen. If you do not have ping pong balls, you can also use golf balls. These are heavier but will still work for the tree. Oftentimes, you can get cheap ping pong like balls at a dollar store or in the toy section at big box stores like Walmart.

Styrofoam balls and wooden beads are other choices that would work well in this ornament, as well. There are tons of ways to make them with anything that is round, including a basic colored glass bulb or traditional round ornament would work.

Ping pong snowman face on tree

Fun Ways to Customize Your Snowman Ornament

Customizing these ornaments is a great idea when you are working with kids or doing this in a classroom with little ones. They love making it their own, and of course, having no two alike will give your holiday tree a fun look. Below are a few ideas that you will love adding to your snowman.

  • Add earmuffs using pom poms and pipe cleaners.
  • Use googly eyes to give them eyes.
  • Paint on their faces so they are brighter.
  • Add different colored eyes.
  • Glue a scarf on the bottom to hang down from the snowman.
  • Tuck yarn or felt around the bottle cap top to create hair.

Ping pong ball ornaments on table

What Can I Use for the Snowman Hat?

As you can see, I grabbed bottle caps and rounded items I could glue on top easily. These are perfect since you may have them on hand already. Of course, you can do other things, and below are some ideas I like that also add to the cute look of the snowman.

  • Foam paper or felt cut into a hat shape.
  • Miniature doll hats or doll top hats made for dress up or miniatures.
  • Cut construction paper into a strip and glue as a hit on top of the ping pong ball.
  • A pom pom on top can be a fuzzy hat look that is fun.

Ornaments by wooden wall

How Do I Hang These Snowmen?

The easiest way to hang these snowmen is to glue string to the back of the ball. This will let you hang the snowmen without much fuss. You can also create a hole in the ball to hang the pin pong ball snow men.

If you drill/burn a hole in the top of the bottle cap, you can string twine or fishing line through it and glue in place on the underside before you secure it to the top of the ball. This will make it easy to hang so it is straight rather than tilted from hanging on the back.

Ping pong ball ornaments by holiday decor

Supplies Needed

Ping pong ball ornament supplies

How to Make a Ping Pong Ball Snowman Ornament

Glue a bottle cap onto the top of the ping pong ball.

Attaching top to ping pong ball

Once the cap is dry, use black markers to draw on eyes and a mouth.

Drawing face on ping pong ball ornament

Add a nose with an orange or red marker.

Drawing face on ping pong ball ornament

For a snowman with earmuffs, glue a small strip of the pipe cleaner over the top. Add a pom pom on both sides of the pipe cleaner to look like earmuffs.

Adding pipe cleaner earmuff to ping pong ball

Add a smile and nose with marker or paint pen.

Drawing face on ping pong ball ornament

Customize your snowman and add a length of twine, ribbon, fishing line, or other option to hang from your tree.

Ping pong snowman face on tree

More Fun Ornament Ideas

Ornaments are definitely one of my all-time favorite items to create. This year, you can make a ton of fun and beautiful ornaments on your tree that are all homemade! Below are lists of my favorite types of ornaments and some creative ways to add them to your tree this year. Bookmark and create the ones you love!

Crafting Tip

If you don’t drink soft drinks or bottled water so don’t have lids on hand, that’s okay. I’ve given you ideas above for making the hats on your snowman, but you can also buy bulk plastic bottle caps on Etsy. Some people collect these and are willing to sell to you for the cost of shipping and a small fee.

Yield: 1

Ping pong snowman face on tree

This ping pong ball snowman Christmas ornament idea is super fun and oh, so easy to make! A great kids ornament idea for Christmas!

Active Time
10 minutes

Total Time
10 minutes


Estimated Cost


Glue these to a length of twine and create a cute garland for your mantle!

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Use different colors and sizes of bottle caps to create unique hats on each ping pong ball.

Ping pong ball ornaments on table

You can even make your own hat from paper or felt!

Woman holding ornament

I love adding these to a garland for a fun look on the mantle!

Ping pong snowman face on tree

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