Vintage Style Yarn Woven Star Christmas Ornament

You’ve probably made one of these when you were a child. Perhaps, you saw these vintage yarn woven star Christmas ornaments on your grandparent’s tree. Wherever you have seen or made them, you know just how much fun they are and how cute they look. If you’ve never made one, now is the time to learn and teach your children! Make them to match your Christmas decor theme or to fit everyone’s favorite color as a special homemade ornament.

Yarn star in tree

Yarn Woven Star Christmas Ornament

When it comes to inexpensive decorations, this is an extremely cheap craft to make. Using very simple materials, you can make yarn star that is reminiscent of childhood, but still beautiful and unique. One of the best parts of this project is that it is practically free! Scrap cardboard, pins from your sewing drawer, and a bit of yarn and suddenly you have a beautiful little star to add to your holiday tree.

Stars are a big part of holiday decorating in our house. We have a gorgeous lit star for our tree, but we’ve also made cute little cardboard Christmas star decorations, 3D stars out of paper, and even snowflake stars that are 3D and absolutely gorgeous on the tree. This little rustic look will fit in beautifully with any or all of your decor this year.

Woven yarn star by decor

What Can I Use as the Center of My Star?

The base is always going to be made of something sturdy like cardboard, card stock, or even a little piece of plastic or wood, but what you put in that center opening is totally up to you. Below are some ideas I love.

  • Leave empty with just the cardboard showing through.
  • Glue on a miniature star, snowflake, tree, Santa Claus, elf, or snowman to bring in the Christmas theme.
  • Spray with adhesive and cover in glitter.
  • Add a name or monogram initial.
  • Attach a ribbon “announcement” or greeting along the center.
  • Glue seed beads all around the inside to make it sparkle.

With the leftover yarn from this project, you can whip up some of these cute little yarn tassel earrings to give as a gift! Or, you can just make a rustic Christmas wreath out of cardboard and the yarn.

Yarn star on flannel

Can I Make These in Different Sizes?

You can easily make this in different sizes. Simply change the size of the base in order to change the size of the woven yarn ornament. Make these stars in different sizes and then combine them all together in one hanging set. This is a great way to create a new look on your tree or to gift a set of stars to friends and family as a holiday gift.

You can make these in 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ sizes and then line them up on your mantle as a cute little “family” of stars. What a fun idea for personalizing with a little ribbon on each that has a name attached! This would be a wonderful gift for anyone on your list.

Yarn star in tree

What’s the Best Yarn to Use For These?

The best choice in my opinion is the cheapest yarn you can find. This doesn’t have to be special or made with anything unique. If you want to make them upscale, you can definitely pick up some velvet yarn, fuzzy yarn, or even make a braided ribbon version with more texture. For the basic one like shown, ordinary everyday yarn you can find at the local Dollar Tree is ideal!

Woman holding yarn star ornament

How do I Hang These from the Tree?

You can attach a traditional ornament hook onto any of the corners or the back of the star. I also love the idea of just using some of the same yarn and creating an extra loop on one of the edges or the back. This makes it easy to hook it over tree branches and blend in beautifully.

Woven yarn star by decor

Supplies Needed

Supplies for yarn star

How to Make a Yarn Woven Star Ornament

Measure two 2″ squares on cardboard.

Cutting cardboard

Cut out the squares and stack them together off-center creating 8 points and glue in place.

Stacking cardboard together

Measure, cut, and glue a 2″ square piece of holiday scrapbook paper onto the top of the cardboard.

Gluing paper on square

Stick a straight pin into the cardboard at each pointed corner of the cardboard so that the tip is inside and the rest including the ball top is about 1″ outside of the cardboard.

Pushing pins into cardboard

On the bottom (blank) side of the cardboard, glue the end of the yarn in place.

Gluing yarn onto square

Once dry, begin the weaving process by wrapping the yarn around the pins so that it wraps across 3 pins.

Wrapping yarn around pins

Then back under the middle pin and back over the top continuing this process all around the piece.

Wrapping yarn around pins

If this is unclear, watch the video for better visualization of the process. You want to have the yarn over 2″ then back under and over again creating a weave so it is over and under, then over and under to secure.

Wrapping yarn around pins

As you wrap over itself, you are pulling the yarn inwards toward the center.

Wrapping yarn around pins

Once you have just a small circle left in the center, you will snip and glue the end on the back.

Gluing yarn to back of star

Push the pins in so they are flush against the yarn.

Pushing pins into star

Add a hook or additional twine or yarn to hang.

Yarn star in tree

More Christmas Decor Ideas

Still, looking for more fun ornaments to make? We’ve got you covered this year with some amazing ideas that are going to dress up your tree and be tons of fun to create. Check out my favorites below!

Crafting Tip

For all of your projects using yarn, stock up on great quality yarn in bulk at Dollar Tree online. There are tons of good colors to fit into any project or holiday!

Yield: 1

Yarn star in tree

Grab your yarn stash and make this gorgeous vintage style yarn woven star Christmas ornament in minutes!

Active Time
20 minutes

Total Time
20 minutes


Estimated Cost


These can be made in any size or with any color yarn desired.

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These little stars are tons of fun to make as a project with kids in a classroom. It teaches about patience and they can use this weaving method for many projects in the future.

Woven yarn star by decor

You can also make these with ribbon, twine, or fabric strips tied together.

Woman holding yarn star ornament

Add a hook or extra length of yarn on the back to hang from your tree!

Yarn star on Christmas paper

YouTube Meta: Learn a simple weaving technique to make this vintage-styled yarn wrapped star ornament! A perfect craft for kids of all ages to make for the Christmas tree this year!

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