What’s the Difference Between Toner and Facial Spray?

Since the start of our floral Witch Hazel toners, we have been routinely asked how toners and facial sprays differ—and if equally are needed in a plan.

Are toners and facial sprays different?

Of course, toners and experience mists are diverse! Toners (also acknowledged as “cleansing lotions” in our line) are formulated to re-stability pores and skin right after you’ve washed your deal with while incorporating a weightless layer of complexion-boosting rewards to your pores and skin. (Witch Hazel & Lavender Toner, for illustration, can help clarify and soothe pores and skin in addition to sweeping away any remaining area impurities.) Assume of toners as aspect of your cleaning schedule:  the non-negotiable section two following you rinse off your go-to cleanser.

Our Facial Sprays are formulated to replenish and refresh your pores and skin. Correct, our mists are wonderful multi-taskers, but their main reason is to strengthen hydration and infuse botanical advantages (dependent on facial spray you decide on) into your pores and skin treatment and make-up, far too.

How do you use the two toner and facial spray in your plan?

Here’s how:

  1. Clean your confront with a cleanser.
  2. Pat dry, then dampen a cotton ball or pad with toner. Sweep the cotton across your experience in upward solutions (avoiding the eye place) till the cotton arrives up cleanse.
  3. Liberally mist your encounter and neck with a Mario Badescu Facial Spray…
  4. …and though your skin is still dewy, use your serum/moisturizer. Executing so assists give ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate or Hyaluronic Acid (or other humectants observed in your pores and skin care) much more h2o to bind to and draw into the skin—therefore maximizing moisturization.

Not absolutely sure how to start off making your routine? Check out our beginner’s information.

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